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Accounts receivable make up a significant percentage of your firm’s profits. It aids in producing cash inflow for the company’s financial statements. It is important since it will have an impact on your company’s expected cash flows. To facilitate transactions and build a competent credit connection with customers, the business offers credit facilities to its clients. It aids in securing better contracts for your business. It works to draw in investors since they can look up the company’s effectiveness in collecting debts and decide to invest if it has a solid track record. When a client’s payment is delayed, your firm is typically a few dollars away from a cash flow shortfall, which occurs when more money is transferred out than comes in. Ultimately, your company will be unable to cover its costs and continue operating normally.

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Leading account receivable services

We collect clients’ payments promptly and efficiently which not only aligns with accounts payables but also provides appropriate cash reserves following your company’s needs. Designing a reliable accounts receivable system that supports it while surviving all of the unforeseen elements that our customers face is an art that our accounts receivable specialists have long perfected. Tax Park delivers the best accounts receivable services in the industry, with a professional staff of accountants, competent bookkeepers, and financial resources backed by innovative tools and software.

Streamlining your accounts receivable processes eliminates document layout and redundant work. Information from your accounting system is immediately brought into the receivables system during the initialization, and two-way interfaces ensure that both databases are up to date, sparing you time on manual data entry. Account information may be immediately given on your digital documents, eliminating the need for back and forth review of financial accounts, which might otherwise delay your financial transactions.

Improved speed and efficiency

Automation improves the AR team’s production, profitability, and precision. Using our service system forms, employees will produce more statements in less time than it would take to produce them conventionally, and online distribution gets bills into the hands of clients faster. The earlier receipts are produced, the sooner payment terms will begin to click. More intricate billing systems, such as expenditure billing, may also be computed more quickly and accurately.

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Reduction in human error

Manual invoicing is time-consuming, laborious, and susceptible to errors including deletions, rearrangements, repetitions, and inaccuracies. AR automation lowers errors by utilizing connected systems that immediately fill in client data and marketing materials, as well as connects client authorizations to transportation details and bills. Our services also save time and effort in error correction, which means fewer — or no — humiliating and time-consuming encounters with clients to fix issues. With this, we can see how crucial things like expenditure billing is computed with more accuracy.


Our AR system saves money in a variety of ways. Productivity increases and decreases the amount of time required by personnel to merely analyse information, allowing them to focus on complex tasks such as researching and fixing disputes. It may even be possible to minimise the team size because invoices are more precise and can be issued to clients more quickly, AR automation reduces the rate of uncollectible accounts. Customer accounts will be maintained when paired with our software solutions to monitor authentic AR information, which helps decrease financial distress.

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Finance Management

Improved cash flow forecasting

Our AR system enables a company to receive maximum cash in the shortest period of time, enhancing profitability. Furthermore, because of more dependable and regular collecting patterns, which can be tracked via better analytics with actual statistics, it increases a company’s capacity to estimate future cash flow projections.

Advanced security and compliance

Automation contributes to the security of the AR process, which is essential when it comes to transferring funds and confidential client data. Automated AR replaces processing steps that are particularly prone to fraudulent and privacy vulnerabilities, such as email and paper files. It has become even more crucial to be able to retrieve and maintain AR and financial information in a protected environment as a consequence of the transfer of many AR teams to a dispersed working environment. Our AR systems are standardized and data is instantly retrievable, stored safely, and organized for record-keeping, regardless of whether an organization performs in one region or various states with different rules, such as adherence to local restrictions, sales tax and e-billing, and data security regulations.

Payroll services
Payroll services

Access real-time data

The complexity of spreadsheets, multiple subsystems, and the possibility of contradictory information that comes with human AR are eliminated with our services. Our AR services will give you real-time transparency into your AR data, such as open payments, closed invoices, monthly payments, and outstanding data such as reimbursable orders. This ensures that everyone on the team has access to the most recent data, which is particularly necessary when dealing with consumers.

Control over cash reserves

Outstanding business receivables can impose a significant drain on a company’s resources. We handle the whole procedure, reducing accounts receivable, improving cash flow, and eventually strengthening your company’s financial situation. While a precise and automated AR process allows for faster receivables and lower DSO, our system will improve your cash position and gives you more command over your cash reserves.  Our automated AR process assists you in more successfully managing your cash flow and offers you additional information to make strategic expenditures such as technology acquisitions, business improvements, and other potential initiatives.

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