Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What's included in my plan?

Your Monthly BK plan includes Financial Advisory, Reconciliation & Categorization of all accounts, Financial Statement Delivery on a decided date each month, and on top of all – your books stay in line with the current tax laws

Q: Can I speak with an accountant one on one?

Your Accountant is always at your disposal during business hours. The preferred mode of communication is text and email.

Q: Can a Small Business Do Their Own Payroll?

To avoid the complexities and technicalities involved in the payroll process, it is only recommended to do it yourself if there is a formal training link.

Q: Is it done remotely?

We are strictly working on a paperless policy. Every small step makes a difference, and reducing your paper usage is a simple yet powerful way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Q: Do I get Financial Advice?

Of course, our packages include free financial advisory and monthly scheduled calls if need be.

Q: What happens if a refer a client?

You get a 10% discount on your monthly charge.

Q: Why cant I do it myself?

There is no harm in doing yourself, but it’s only beneficial if you are educated in the field of tax and accounting.

Q: How secure is your platform for data transfer?

Your files will be encrypted when they will be transferred and when the data is stored.